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1. What are cookies?

A cookie is a text file that a web server can save on the hard drive of your device to store some type of information about you as a user. Cookies are used for various purposes such as storing data for future visits, recognizing the user to avoid requesting authentication again, knowing which pages you visit, or saving your preferences in customizable areas. Typically, websites use cookies to obtain statistical information about their web pages and analyze the behavior of their customers/users.

Excluded from compliance with the obligations established in article 22.2 of the LSSI are cookies used for one of the following purposes:

  • Only allowing communication between the user's equipment and the network.
  • Strictly providing a service explicitly requested by the user.

Thus, among the excepted cookies would be those intended for:

  • User input cookies: Stored on the device when the user enters information on a website. For example, when filling out a web form.
  • Authentication or user identification cookies (session only): Their function is to identify a user when they enter their credentials to log in.
  • User security cookies: Cookies that detect security problems or risks. For example, those that detect repeated failed connection attempts.
  • Media player session cookies: Allow multimedia content to be played on the websites visited by the user. For example, videos that play automatically when entering a website are authorized by this type of cookie.
  • Load balancing session cookies: Connect the website server and the user's server so that information can be transmitted between them.
  • User interface customization cookies: Cookies that remember user preferences during navigation on a website. For example, language selection; chosen browser; etc.
  • Certain plug-in cookies for social content sharing. They are used when the user visits social networks through a website. For example, when sharing an article from a website on social networks.

The specific uses we make of these technologies are described in the following sections.

2. Types of cookies

Cookies can be classified according to the following criteria:

  • According to who installs the cookie, they can be:
  • First-party cookies: Those sent to the user's terminal from a computer or domain managed by the publisher itself and from which the service requested by the user is provided.
  • Third-party cookies: Those sent to the user's terminal from a computer or domain not managed by us, but by another entity that processes the data obtained from cookies.
  • According to their retention period, cookies can be:
  • Session cookies: Those that last for the time the user is browsing the website and are deleted when the browsing session ends.
  • Persistent cookies: They remain stored on the user's terminal for a longer period, facilitating control of the chosen preferences without having to repeat certain parameters each time the website is visited.
  • According to their purpose, cookies can be:
  • Technical cookies: Essential and strictly necessary for the proper functioning of a website and the use of the various options and services it offers.
  • Personalization cookies: Allow the user to choose or customize features of the website such as language, regional settings, or browser type.
  • Analysis cookies: Used by websites to compile browsing profiles and to understand user preferences in order to improve product and service offerings.
  • Advertising cookies: Store information on user behavior obtained through continuous observation of their browsing habits, enabling the development of a specific profile to display advertising based on this.

3. Cookies used on our website uses the following types of cookies on the web: 

Technical cookies.

They allow the user to browse the Web, remember their passwords and use features such as the shopping cart.

Personalization Cookies

They allow to know the user's preferences: language, products visited... 

Analysis Cookies

We use Google Analytics cookies to quantify the number of users visiting the Web. These cookies allow us to measure and analyze how users browse the Web. This information allows AL PARADISE INTERNATIONAL CLOTHING, S.L. to continually improve its services and the experience of users of the Web. For more information, you can consult the privacy page of Google Analytics:

Advertising and behavioral advertising cookies

These cookies are used to show relevant ads to users based on their use of our website. They also limit the number of times each user views an advertisement and help AL PARADISE INTERNATIONAL CLOTHING, S.L. measure the effectiveness of its advertising campaigns. By browsing the Web, the user accepts that we install this type of cookies on their device and make inquiries when the user visits the AL PARADISE INTERNATIONAL CLOTHING, S.L. website in the future.

Cookies installed in our web domain:

Nombre de la cookie


Propia/ de terceros


¿Cuándo se instala?


Técnica que permite almacenar un identificador único por sesión a través del que es posible vincular datos necesarios para posibilitar la navegación en curso


De sesión

Cuando se accede al sitio Web


Técnica y estrictamente necesaria que almacena la aceptación de la instalación de cookies.


1 año

Cuando se accede al sitio web


Cookie analítica de GOOGLE Analytics que se usa para distinguir a los usuarios


2 años

Cuando se aceptan las cookies


Recopila datos sobre el número de veces que un usuario ha visitado el sitio web además de las fechas de la primera visita y de la más reciente. Utilizada por Google Analytics.


2 años

Cuando se aceptan las cookies


Cookie analítica de GOOGLE Analytics que se usa para distinguir a los usuarios


24 horas

Cuando se aceptan las cookies


Utilizada por Google AdSense para experimentar con la eficiencia publicitaria a través de las webs usando sus servicios.


3 meses

Cuando se aceptan las cookies


Cookie utilizada por Facebook para proporcionar una serie de productos publicitarios como pujas en tiempo real de terceros anunciantes.


3 meses

Cuando se aceptan las cookies


Cookie utilizada para almacenar las visitas como únicas.


1 año

Cuando se aceptan las cookies


Cookie necesaria para la utilización de las opciones y servicios del sitio web.


Dos semanas

Cuando se accede a la web

This website, like most websites, includes functionality provided by third parties.

Our website is a living website and may include new designs or services from third parties. This may occasionally change the cookie settings and may result in the appearance of cookies not detailed in detail in this policy.

Third-party cookies used on our website installed by third-party domains are as follows:



¿Cuándo se instala?



Más información


Cuando se aceptan las cookies

Servicio de mapas provisto por Google. Las cookies de Google Maps registran el origen del usuario y permite recuento de cuantas veces visita el sitio un usuario. Son cookies técnicas y de personalización.

Depende de las políticas de google

Pulse aquí





Cuando se aceptan las cookies

Cookies almacenadas en el ordenador del usuario con el fin de permanecer conectado a su cuenta de Google al visitar sus servicios de nuevo. Mientras permanezca con esta sesión activa y use complementos en otros sitios Web como el nuestro, Google hará uso de estas cookies para mejorar su experiencia de uso. Las finalidad es variada: gestión de preferencias, análisis del comportamiento de los usuarios, seguridad, identificación de los usuarios…

La duración depende del tipo de cookie instalada: De los 10 minutos a los 20 años

Las cookies de Google escapan a nuestro control. Para consultar la política de cookies de Google Pulse aquí


Cookie utilizada por Google para evitar intentos de inicio de sesión fraudulentos. También contiene una identificación de usuario de Google que se puede utilizar con fines estadísticos y de marketing después de iniciar sesión correctamente.

13 meses

Las cookies de Google escapan a nuestro control. Para consultar la política de cookies de Google Pulse aquí

Our site does not control the cookies used by these third parties. For more information about cookies from social networks or other third-party websites, we advise you to review their own cookie policies.

4. Information And Obtaining Consent For Installation has sought to establish appropriate mechanisms for obtaining the user's consent in relation to cookies that are not strictly necessary. This includes analytical or measurement cookies, which will not be installed unless expressly accepted by the user.

With the access to our website, a pop-up appears informing about all the details about cookies; offering a granular acceptance of these.

Users will not have to give their consent each time they visit the website. We will retain your consent and cookie preferences for a maximum period of 24 months. Before this period expires, we will ask you to renew your consent in relation to cookies.

5. How Can I Prevent The Installation Of Cookies?

The user can reject the installation of all those cookies, according to his preferences, except those that he expressly authorizes or those that are of technical profile and must be installed to guarantee the correct functioning of the web page, indicating those that he wishes to install or reject in the pop-up or window of acceptance of cookies that appears when entering the home page. However, there are other ways to prevent cookies from being installed on your computer, as indicated below.

The user can configure his browser to accept, or not, the cookies he receives or so that the browser notifies him when a server wants to save a cookie. If some technical cookies are disabled, the correct functioning of some of the web utilities is not guaranteed. 

The user can exclude "analytical and advertising" cookies from Google Analytics from being stored on their terminal by means of the opt-out systems provided by Google Analytics.

Below, we also provide some examples of how to disable cookies:

    (a) Through the configuration of the browser itself:

    - Internet Explorer:

    - Firefox:   

    - Safari: 

    - Chrome:

    - Opera:

For more information, go to the page of the Spanish Data Protection Agency that helps to configure privacy in social networks, browsers and mobile operating systems. More information.

b) Through third-party tools:

There are third-party tools, available online, that allow users to detect cookies on each website they visit and manage their deactivation, for example:

In any case, the user can allow or block cookies, as well as delete your browsing data (including cookies) from the browser you use. Consult the options and instructions provided by your browser to do so. Please note that if you accept third-party cookies, you must delete them from the browser options.

6.  Links To Other Websites

If you choose to leave our Web site through links to other Web sites not owned by us, we are not responsible for the privacy policies of those Web sites or the cookies they may store on your computer.

7. How Do We Collect And Use IP Addresses?

The Web servers may automatically detect the IP address and domain name used by users.

An IP address is a number automatically assigned to a computer when it connects to the Internet. This information allows the subsequent processing of the data in order to know if you have given your consent to the installation of cookies, make measurements only statistics that allow to know the number of visits made to the Web, the order of visits, the point of access, etc..

8. International Data Transfer

The cookies installed on our web domain are installed on our server so the data collected in them are not subject to international data transfer.

Third-party cookies installed on our website by third-party domains may be subject to international data transfer. For more information on possible international transfers of data that these cookies may involve we recommend you to click on the "more information" section of the cookie you want to consult.

You can find out about transfers to third countries (Article 49 RGPD) that, where appropriate, may be made by third parties identified in this Cookies Policy in their corresponding policies (see the following link:

9. Updating Our Cookie Policy

This policy is reviewed periodically to ensure its validity, so it may be modified. We recommend that you visit the page regularly where we will inform you of any updates.

Date: 13 December 2023

Version: V.2.0